A team from the InnoPlatform project participated at the International Conference “Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Development in Western Greece” 13-15 December, 2017 in Patras.  Prof. Dr. John Garofala, Dr. Andrijana Bogdanovska Gj,  Prof, Dr. Vladimir Dukovski, Branko Djurovic, and Dr. Ioannis Kostpolus met with representatives from Western Greece region during the firts day of the conference.



During the first day of the conference the main topic, the “Research findings and results on entrepreneurship and growth in Western Greece” projected numerous ideas regarding the growth of the Greek economy.  The ideas, separated into sessions throughout the day included: Increase in the Regional economy , economic conjuncture, business operations in a challenging economic environment, creation of a supporting framework for local entrepreneurs, Economic analyses on R&D, innovations, and the use of new technology, and modern research approaches.

At the second day which, much like the first, ideas were shared regarding a different approach to influence the Western Greek economy. As the sessions began, the problematic enterprising state and the enterprising region were described, then future solutions were presented. These solutions included: the build of a regional system of entrepreneurship and innovation, a strategy for a sustainable economic growth, and the idea of an alliance for entrepreneurship and development in western Greece. 

On the third day, representatives from many European regions shared their experiences when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship and those discussions presented successful attempts that have worked to boost the economy from their respectable homeland.