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Innovations Platform and Tools for increasing innovation capacity of SMEs in the Balkan Mediterranean Area

INNOPLATFORM aims at improving the competitiveness of the Balkan Mediterranean region by advancing existing knowledge on business model innovations and developing a set of tools (InnoTools) and services (InnoScorecard and InnoRegion) for improving SMEs opportunities, capacities, and knowledge in introducing product and process innovations.

Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship

The project aims at promoting territorial development, cooperation and support the competitiveness of the Balkan-Mediteranean area by developing, establishing and promoting entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer model (Ideas, Inventions, Innovation – i3) for educating students and entrepreneurs.

M-commerce provides the required business knowledge on how companies can capitalize on these new opportunities.

The business world is changing and is "mobile ". Shopping with smart phones at any time and any place is rapidly increasing. In this new, mobile world, companies need to adapt their websites to the new ways of communication.


Aim@Innovations is project supported by CEI KEP Austria and the Austrian Development Cooperation

The wider aim of the project is to enable transfer of knowledge and strengthen the capacities of Knowledge Center for provision of thematic training and consultancies in the area of Innovation Management to SMEs, start-ups and spin-offs in Republic of Macedonia.


Tackling the "Broadband Gap" in SEE Rural areas through PPP models

PPP4Broadband, is a project  selected for financing in the 4th call of The South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme. The main aim of PPP4Broadband project is to improve the development of virtual accessibility through broadband development in SEE rural areas using the PPP model. The project also aims at developing transnational tools, methodologies and guidelines targeting mainly public actors across SEE as PPP procurers.


INFOAGRI - the first and only portal in the Republic of Macedonia in the field of agriculture

INFOAGRI is the first and only portal in the Republic of Macedonia in the field of agriculture, forestry, veterinary and other related areas, which provides the fastest flow of information and insights on products, quantities, quality, price, location and everything else that is directly or indirectly related to these topics.