According to the State Statistical Office of Republic of Macedonia, as of January 2017, 91.2% of the enterprises with 10 or more employees had broadband connection to Internet (via fixed or mobile broadband connection). Access to Internet via a portable device using mobile telephone network (3G/4G) was used by 63.0% of the enterprises. The mobile Internet connection (via portable devices: notebook, laptop, smartphone, PDA phone, etc.), for business purposes, was used by 14.5% of the employees.

More than half 54.2% of the enterprises used social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,, YouTube, Flickr, Picassa, Wiki-tools, etc.), i.e. had a user profile, an account or a user license for using certain social media. Around 49% of the enterprises have website/homepage, of which 80% listed  their goods or services and price lists on the website.  59% had links or references to their social media profiles, and 21% provided online ordering or reservation or booking. During 2016, 10.3% of enterprises with 10 or more employees had e-commerce, i.e. buying or selling goods or services over computer networks (via websites or EDI-type systems), 6.0% of enterprises had e-sales, and 5.8% of enterprises had e-purchases.