Skopje, 27/09/2023 — In a solemn atmosphere, on September 27, 2023, the Center for Knowledge Management (KCM) organized a final event for the "Gazelles" project,which was part of the Interreg BalkanMed program. This event was the result of eight months of intensive work and cooperation with innovators and entrepreneurs from North Macedonia and other countries in the Balkan region.


The project "Gazelles" coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce of Athens and implemented in North Macedonia by the Center for Knowledge Management aimed to support and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in the region. Through this project, more than 40 startups, including almost 10 from North Macedonia, received support and resources to develop their ideas and projects.

At the event, which took place in Skopje, the attendees had the opportunity to get to know the innovative companies and projects that resulted from the "Gazelles" project. The pitching sessions provided the entrepreneurs with an opportunity to share their vision and present their work to potential investors from the country, and 6 investors and startup supporters from the region and the USA, who joined us in an online session.

Individually, each startup had 10 minutes to present their projects, ideas and innovations. These companies were:

  • Edulactica - Innovative partner and partner regulatory compliance platform.
  • Best Online Assistant - 3-in-1 education, career and employment platform for people with disabilities.
  • ECGalert - Sophisticated virtual intelligence for ECG alerts.
  • CarbCoin - Digital marketing to increase sales and create customer relationships.
  • FIXIGO ( - Universal self-sustaining platform for connecting companies with the necessary data.
  • Mirjana Josifovska - Specialized production studio for sustainable design and production.

This event was proof of successful cooperation, innovation and undoubted determination of entrepreneurs in the Balkan region. The goal was not only to celebrate the achievements, but also to create an opportunity to raise these innovative projects to the next level of development.

The Center for Knowledge Management (KCM) continues with its mission to improve and advance knowledge management processes in the region, through various activities and cooperation with the civil sector, the state and the for-profit sector.