The Center for Knowledge Management (CKM) Macedonia which is leader of the ERASMUS + Project of New Ways of Working for Net Zero Emission together with Christophe Lo Giudice of Htag by Références 🇧🇪, Françoise Kemajou and Salima Chitalia of European Think Tank Pour la Solidarité, and Maria Claudia Solarte-Vasquez of 🇧🇪 TalTech – Tallinn University of Technology 🇪🇪 from the partner organisations, were part of the event meeting held in January in Tallinn, Estonia.

The meeting was hosted by Maria Claudia – Vasquez of TalTech University of Technology in Tallinn, Estonia. The representatives from the partner organizations were fully dedicated to finalizing the training toolkit and share the new trends in information technology, mobility and sustainability which affect the contemporary workplaces. Defining the learning paths of an innovative process for transferring the developed knowledge from R1 to the specifics of every organization.

Our ambition? Create concrete and easily applicable tools for HR professionals and contribute to carbon neutrality through 🚲 mobility, new work habits, and responsible digital practices.

The means to achieve this: a learning platform to inspire you, engage your employees, and build together the work habits of tomorrow. A new string to our bow to help you develop effective solutions and join the zero-carbon dynamic.

The best of Tallinn/ our visit to Tallinn

Tallinn gained the title of sustainability and innovation champion due to their systemic approach to green governance and interlinked strategic goals, which reflect the ambitions of the European Green Deal. One of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tallinn is also characterised by a diverse and mosaic nature of landscapes which also serve as habitats for rare species. During the Green Capital Year, Tallinn's main themes will be biodiversity, sustainable governance, and climate and green innovation. With over 60 events planned for 2023 the participants of NWoW4NetZero project took part in some of the activities of Tallinn European Green Capital, and in some programme which offers environmental activities for the city residents and visitors: from formulating sustainability goals together with other European cities to taking impactful actions and showcasing green