Within the project ‘’Young Kreativ Social Enterprises’’, a five day intensive training for youth workers was organized in January in one of the most ancient city in Italy, Matera. Eight youth workers from 5 countries (Macedonia included) came to Matera to exchange ideas, share issues, and develop joint solutions on how to motivate young people to open social enterprises.



Blagica and Elena were the representatives from the Centre for Knowledge Management, North Macedonia at the training. Within the event, Blagica had the opportunity to present the e-learning platform “Young creative” which was developed by CKM Team in the past 4 months, and which encompasses all project results into one place.

Educators, youth workers, and volunteers got to know the overall framework and content of the YKSE curriculum and were provided with some of YKSE intellectual outputs. For example, at the training, Daniel Goleman’s theory about Emotional Intelligence was presented followed by self-awareness, self-motivation and self-regulation and social-awareness practical activities. Furthermore, the participants also covered the topics of starting a business, market analysis and service and product line in the digital era and how the same is aligned with developing solutions for social challenges.

The following Visual Map of photos shows the atmosphere of the training which was assessed as very successful and significant in the development of tools for working with young people.

IMG 20230119 111533IMG_20230119_100249.jpg



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