They say that the best skill an entrepreneur can have is the skill of awareness and questioning. The questions offer new answers and job opportunities. Guided by this idea, the Center for Knowledge Management realized the event Young Kreativ Day which is part of the project Erasmus+ Young Kreativ Social Enterprises through the mobilization of Digital skills and Intercultural dialogue aims to boost and encourage creative social entrepreneurial learning of young people through upskilling and empowering youth workers, educators and mentors as primary vehicles of the professional development of youth.


 While the purpose of the event that took place on 14.10.2022 was the promotion of the results of the already completed activities (IO1, IO2) from the above-mentioned project.

 The numerous photos, the evaluations of the participants, the posts by "Europe House" and many other ideas, opinions, and suggestions can testify to the activities achieved, the knowledge gained, the success of the realization of the event, but also to the energy that was shared.