Prepared by: Ivana Ivanova

During these last few days, the whole world has been facing a threat on human kind. Facing this health crisis requires everyone’s utmost awareness of its seriousness. The new corona virus has brought shortage of supplies, especially medical supplies, thus a wide range of initiatives have emerged around the world. The 3D printing community is in the center of these, having the ability to construct an object within a few hours. The resources that can be designed through 3D printing can help face this crisis more easily. By having a 3D printer and using the STL file, one can produce more of the needed goods.

Considering the fact that in this moment there is a shortage in the stocks of masks but the authorities insist on using them, and the fact that these masks have short life span, a problem arises with the usage of them. With these conventional masks, at the end of the day, we are left with bacteria infested material that exposes us more to the dangerous microbes of this virus. To help deal with this pandemic, Copper3D has been using their 3D printing skills to create the NanoHack. This mask is antiviral, washable, reusable, recyclable and affordable. This Chilean company released the STL file to the mask, with instructions on how to print it and assemble it. It uses copper to filter the harmful toxins and microbes from the air. Co-founder Daniel Martínez has said that one mask takes around 2 hours to print.

“As a company, we have a very practical approach. We look for great challenges to solve and we analyze what mix, between technology and design, could lead us to an effective and novel solution to that problem. We have a great ally at our side which is antimicrobial 3D printing, with this technology and intelligent designs many problems can be solved […] All of this in very intense work loops since many of these problems are really urgent, as in the case of this COVID-19 pandemic”, has said Co-founder Daniel Martínez.

 The greatest advantage of this product is the ability to mass-produce it throughout the whole world in just a few hours. This, probably being the first case of massively printing the same 3D object, is one of a few 3D printings that can help prevent more deaths in the fight with the pandemic.

A few other 3D companies are also developing 3D objects to help. Even though the production of them will not be on the same scale as in a factory, the fact that remains is that this is an exceptional idea of modern time that reflects the capability of people to unite and fight alongside in the times of need.

Link to STL document for the NanoHack mask: