The European Comission is preparing next Framework Programme for the period 2021-2027. The Framework will have a great impact on all the various funding programmes under the EU policies.

Some information about the Framework regarding some of the programmes have already been announced and based on them assumptions are being made as to what is in store for the EU Funding Programmes after 2020. 



In the field of Research and Innovation, the European Commission has proposed the Horizon Europe Financial Framework. Horizon Europe will mainly aim to strengthen the EU’s scientific and technological bases as well as boost Europe’s innovation capacity. It also aims to increase the competitiveness as well as create more job opportunities.

Horizon Europe will be divided into the three following pillars:

  • Open Science
  • Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness
  • Open Innovation

Horizon Europe can definitely be considered a Framework that will focus on the evolution of previous practices rather than revolution for the European Area.

In particular, in the R&I section there will be activities that will better link Research and Innovation to the society and citizens’ needs. These activities are expected to create more impact and highly contribute to citizen’s involvement. 

When it comes to the rules of Horizon Europe, there will be an effort to simplify forms of grants, where it is appropriate. However, there will be no change in the Horizon Europe funding model and co-funding rate!

One of Europe’s strongest programmes, the COSME programme will no longer be an autonomous programme. According to the new framework, Cosme will be integrated, partly at least, in a new programme that will focus on the Single Market and Competitiveness of Enterprises. 

In total, 6 programmes and a large number of actions will be combined to create this new Programme for the next seven-year period. The aim will be to improve synergies to enhance the single market.

Apart from the enhancement of competitiveness from SMEs and larger Enterprises, the new programme will also focus on the improvement of te internal market.