Closing the digital skills gap in the public administration in N. Macedonia

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About the project

Total budget: 330 000 MKD

Implementation period: 01.03.2021 – 31.10.2021 (8 months)

The project is funded by the Civica Mobilitas program.

Target groups

The target group of the action is the institutions and the employees in the public administration. The action, based on previously established database of state bodies and the public sector, will cover a certain percentage of state administration at a national level, including that at municipal level, institutions in the field of education, defense and public health.

What is the goal of the action?

Having in mind that N. Macedonia in moving towards the EU and is structuring its public sector in accordance with that of the European Union, it is extremely important to research the existing gap in the skills of the public administration in our country. The research will give the current skills and future needs, and it will be compared with the results from the EU. That knowledge will enable the preparation of draft-measures for overcoming this gap and increasing the efficiency of the public administration.

Project objectives

Overall objective: The overall objective of this action is to prepare a policy brief with draft-measures for overcoming the gap that exists in the public administration in terms of knowledge of digital skills needed to increase efficiency and productivity, and also to provide fast, quality and electronic services in order to use the benefits of technology and improve the overall competitiveness of the county.

Specific objective(s): Conducting research for the purpose of identifying the gap in digital skills that exists in the public administration and identifying draft-measures that could be used to surpass it.

Expected results

  • Mapping of state bodies i.e. creating a database of a stratified sample that will be included in the research of the public administration
  • Adaptation of McKinsey’s research methodology applied in the EU with a survey and questionnaire
  • Analysis/Report of the survey’s findings with draft-measures for overcoming the skills’ gap
  • Roundtable with representatives of the public administration for the purpose of presenting and verifying the survey’s findings
  • Policy brief


  • Identification of state bodies and institutions, and development of the sample that will be part of the research conducted on the public administration
  • Development of a database of state bodies and institutions
  • Adaptation and preparation of the questionnaire and conducting a survey. The survey is based upon the methodology developed by the consulting firm McKinsey for the needs of the EU
  • Processing the data collected through the survey
  • Preparation of an analysis of the findings on the gap in the digital skills and developing draft-measures in accordance with the findings
  • Logistics for holding a roundtable with representatives from key institutions and the public sector and chambers
  • Dissemination of the event – representation on social networks, preparation of infographics and additional materials for dissemination
  • Preparation of a Policy brief