Although in recent years North Macedonia has recorded exceptional progress in the field of e-services, still as a country we lag behind the EU members and the Associated countries from the Western Balkans when it comes to the digitalization of the public services as indicated by the E-Government benchmark of the European Commission. 

This is why CKM is taking on a new project, ‘Digital Decade for Strengthened Quality of Public E-services in North Macedonia’, which aims to strengthen the capacity for the development of quality public E-services in North Macedonia aligned with the goals and vision for the European Union’s digital transformation by 2030 and the Western Balkans Digital Agenda.  This project has started by assessing North Macedonia progress in developing E-services by examining the E-Government benchmark of European Commission, exploring current challenges related to the provision and access of the public e-services by citizens and businesses in the country seen through the eyes of experts and the main stakeholders.


The project is also developing policy briefs and recommendations for the Macedonian Government to help in addressing the shortcomings in the nation’s provision of E-services. This includes organizing meetings with Government representatives that are helping with the prioritization of issues and the provision of solutions.

You can read our policy briefs on the macedonian transltaion of this article.

Two studies have emerged from the research:

Study on the quality of e-services forcitizens in North Macedonia

Study on the quality of e-services for business entities in North Macedonia

CKM is also working on increasing the public awareness for available digital services for citizens and businesses. The average Macedonian is often not very well informed about their digital rights and the availability of E-services; an issue that CKM wants to address by publishing infographics about the various digital rights and E-services. These infographics can be easily accessed here (LINK) and are available in both Macedonian and Albanian.