NWoW4Net-Zero project aims to position HR leaders as key actors in contributing to the ‘Planet' bottom line, by giving them concrete levers for action to drive the transition in their field of intervention: the new ways of working (NWoW).

Embarking on a transformative journey, the NWoW4Net-Zero project leverages the power of digital innovation to revitalize workplace dynamics, aligning them with the European Union's ambitions for carbon neutrality.This initiative, flourishing under the auspices of Erasmus+, spans from March 2022 to February 2024, uniting a consortium of experts from North Macedonia, Belgium, Estonia, and France. Focused on equipping human resources professionals across diverse sectors with sustainable practices and digital competencies, our project crafts pivotal training toolkits and curricula. These resources are designed to empower HR directors and managers within SMEs, public bodies, and non-profits, steering these key influencers towards implementing eco-conscious and efficiency-driven strategies in their organizations. Join us in our commitment to sculpt a sustainable and technologically adept future.

Name of the project

New Ways of Working for Net-Zero



Implementation period

 March 2022 to February 2024

Project Partners 

  1. Center for Knowledge Management, North Macedonia
  2. Pour la Solidarite ASBL. Belgium
  3. Tallinna Tehnikaulikool, Estonia
  4. Conseil & Recherche, France
  5. Htag by Références, Belgium

 The NWoW4Net-Zero project specifically aims at leveraging new ways of working and work organisation driven by increased use of digital solutions as a way to contribute to EU-carbon neutrality ambition through a “tool box” and a training dedicated to HR Professionals.

  • HORIZONTAL: Environment and fight against climate change
  • HORIZONTAL: Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity. It works towards awareness raising about environmental and climate-change challenges by developing competences and green sectorial skills methodologies based on the new ways of working in the workplace driven by the opportunities of digitalization.
  • VET: Adapting vocational education and training to labour market needs

NWoW4Net-Zero project as well supports the development of future-oriented curricula which will upskill the HR professionals and enable them to become true agents of change in the organisations and societies working towards reduction of carbon footprint emissions and advocating for mobility choices.

Project Objectives

The NWoW4Net-Zero project aims to contribute to the EU-carbon neutrality ambition through a “tool box” and a training dedicated to HR Professionals by leveraging new ways of working and work organisation resulting from increased use of digital solutions.

Expected Results

The NWOW4NET-ZERO project outputs leverages the new ways of working and work organization, driven by increased use of digital solutions as a way to contribute to EU-CARBON NEUTRALITY AMBITION through a “TOOL BOX” and a training dedicated to HR Professionals.These results include:

  1. Training Toolkits: Three toolkits developed for HR practices, focusing on IT, mobility, and sustainability in modern workplaces.
  2. Learning Paths: Personalized learning experiences for HR professionals to master the toolkits in a hybrid work environment.
  3. Impact Tool: A methodology with tools and guidelines for assessing the benefits of the toolkit implementations.
  4. Interactive Toolkits: Digitalized and adaptable toolkits and learning paths for versatile use.

For detailed information on each result, please visit the Project Results page.

Target groups

 The target groups are human resources directors, human resources managers in both private and public organisations, or managers who undertake this role in SMEs as well as non-profit organisations: all professionals involved in the conception, development or evolution of (new) working methods and work organisation within these entities.


 PROJECT IS CO-FUNDED BY THE ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME OF THE EUROPEAN UNION through the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility of North Macedonia.