YES C+C: Enhancing creative, cultural and innovation skills for adults

YES C+C is a project which aims to improve the competences from creative, cultural and digital aspect of adult learners by introducing them with a tailored made training path and by accessing their own creative projects to market through an online collaborative platform, showcasing creations of the participants, setting up common creative projects and making a contribution by enhancing the resilience of creative and culture sectors.

Project Name: YES C+C: Enhancing creative, cultural and innovation skills for adults


Acronym YES C+C


Implementation period 01-03-2021 - 28-02-2023


Challanges The active role that innovative creativity and culture can play in the post-Covid area is very important to guarantee more resilient societies thanks to collaboration with the educational sector, being a niche of new employment opportunities, promoting social inclusive projects not to leave no one behind and improving the sustainably green footprint of the new creative projects. Therefore, the whole partnership is formed by organisations with complementary competences and experience who currently deal with the main project issues: adults, culture and creativity, education, employment and social inclusion. Hence, the base of YES C+C Project demonstrates that partners are fully committed to develop outputs that will be used after the end of the project implementation period in their in-house services.


Project Objectives 
  • Develop a training Programme and an online training, showcase and networking platform to increase the skills from creative, cultural and innovative sphere among adult learners to be able to create and improve their own creativity projects
  • Enable adults to gain social inclusion and enhance their employability


Expected Results 
  1. Adult learners will increase their awareness about the importance of upskilling and reskilling;
  2. Improve their technical knowledge on ICT (digitalisation, use of online platforms, etc);
  3. Increase their skills to think out-of-the-box, finding creative ways for solution to problems and digital competences which will improve their employability and social inclusion;
  4. Prepare them more thoroughly so that they can be able to face changes in a complex work environment and, in the case of mentors, they will increase their competences in the assessment of learners’ skills and in teaching creative and innovative skills.


Target groups
  1. Adults over 18 years old who wish to improve their creative, cultural and innovative competences and skills with a special emphasis on the more vulnerable groups such as unemployed people, women, low-skilled people, etc.
  2. Adults’ trainers (called mentors) who will be trained in the Project working methodology and training programme and then in the second phase, they will teach adult learners.