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In order to make better use of the OPEN BALKANS initiative, the main goal of the Opportunity4You project is to improve the mechanisms to support the employability and mobility of the workforce in the cross-border area of Serbia and North Macedonia.

Although in recent years North Macedonia has recorded exceptional progress in the field of e-services, still as a country we lag behind the EU members and the Associated countries from the Western Balkans when it comes to the digitalization of the public services as indicated by the E-Government benchmark of the European Commission. 

This is why CKM is taking on a new project, ‘Digital Decade for Strengthened Quality of Public E-services in North Macedonia’, which aims to strengthen the capacity for the development of quality public E-services in North Macedonia aligned with the goals and vision for the European Union’s digital transformation by 2030 and the Western Balkans Digital Agenda.  

NWoW4Net-Zero project aims to position HR leaders as key actors in contributing to the ‘Planet' bottom line, by giving them concrete levers for action to drive the transition in their field of intervention: the new ways of working (NWoW).

BRIDGING THE GAP IN DIGITAL SKILLS FOR MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES. DigitAll4Migrants is aimed at bridging the Gap in Digital skills for migrants and refugees



Let’s Digital is a project which aims to improve the delivery of training activities to migrant women through digital tools.

YES C+C: Enhancing creative, cultural and innovation skills for adults

Closing the digital skills gap in the public administration in N. Macedonia

The Center for Knowlege Management (CKM) received funding under the Erasmus + programme KA104 (2020) for the project "Capacity Development for Horizon Europe" - HorizonReady project this fall. HorizonReady aims at increasing CKM iternal capacities for capitalizing on the opportunities of the new Horizon Europe programme.

WECAN aims at strengthening women’s entrepreneurial capacity and empowering the would-be entrepreneurs, or those with a newly established business, with a tailored coaching programme

Enhancing circular skills and jobs through human resources management training

Innovations Platform and Tools for increasing innovation capacity of SMEs in the Balkan Mediterranean Area

Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship

M-commerce provides the required business knowledge on how companies can capitalize on these new opportunities.

Aim@Innovations is project supported by CEI KEP Austria and the Austrian Development Cooperation