Mrs. Peleva Stojkovska is graduated Bachelor of Sciences of the E-Business department at the Faculty of Economics, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius- Skopje, at the end of 2011. She has a brief internship experience in accounting, marketing and web-design sector, as well as research.

In the past two years Ms. Stojkovska gained experience in different economy areas. In 2012 she worked in Knowledge Center, as part of the internship program, where she acquired knowledge in the area of research, analysis, right up to beneficial usage of the social media. On the other hand, her working experience as part of Fresh Company helped her in the process of developing online marketing and advertising skills, as well as knowledge regarding the maintenance of web pages.

Her current positions as member of the Centre of Excellence, which is created as part of the PPP4Broadband project, improved and enriched her knowledge in Public-Private Partnership, her financial, analytical and excel modeling skills. Along the way she gained knowledge in preparing feasibility study, administrating project documentation, and project organization and management.

She is currently working as Research Assistant in Finance at the Center for Knowledge Management.